Making West Virginia Better

Making West Virginia Better

One the things I’ve always loved about living in West Virginia is that we have one of the best departments for arts and education in the country. The West Virginia Department of Education and the Arts provides statewide leadership, as well as innovation, that enriches the arts and minds of people in the West Virginia area. Made up of five agencies, as well as various special programs that stem from the Cabinet Secretary’s Office, the aim of the department is to reinforce West Virginia’s rich heritage of culture, artistic creation and education. The resilience of the “Mountain Character” is celebrated by Education and Arts via public libraries, professional development, culture and history, broadcasting, rehabilitation and community volunteerism.

To me, the spirit of West Virginia will always be represented by the Department of Education and the Arts. The citizen’s artistic lives are enhanced by programs in place by the Division of Culture and History, all the while preserving documents and artifacts that authenticate our past. The disabled are also assisted by the department and via the division of Rehabilitation Services they are able to seek better lives by providing professionals with the educational tools that they need in order to take their expertise even further with the Center for Professional Development, and through the West Virginia National and Community Service, volunteerism is promoted in our communities.

Through the Virginia Library Commission, it is the Department’s goal to maintain public access to electronic and manuscript volumes of information and literature and via the Educational Broadcasting Authority provide only the best in television and public radio programing offering education, entertainment and enlightenment.

Part of the executive branch dedicated to this task, the Department of Education and the Arts, provides the Governor with the needed support to bring about progress in the State of West Virginia. The secretary serves on the Governor’s Cabinet and offers the executive officers and legislative members counsel on the issues regarding the various aspects of education and the arts.

With programs such as Governor’s Schools, the PROMISE Scholarships, Imagination Library, West Virginia’s Promise, WVPASS, as well as the Governor’s Internship Program and commission by the Governor on International Education, the spirit of education and the arts is enriched.


Postsecondary access and preparation
Partnerships to Assure Student Success (WVPASS) is a state initiative of both state and national partners that support West Virginia communities by doing an outstanding job of providing them with technical support, training and resources for community and youth development.

Academic Enrichments
Governor’s Honors Academy (GHA)
Students who at the moment are juniors in high school are offered by GHA the opportunity of living and learning with one hundred and sixty four other remarkable scholars from West Virginia in a residential experience that lasts three weeks.

Governor’s School for Mathematics and Science
The Governor’s School in West Virginia for Mathematics and Science (AKA GSMS) is a residential summer program that provides academic enrichment for current 7th and 8th graders who live and attend school in West Virginia, specifically in the areas of science and math.

Governor’s School for the Arts
The perfect destination for all tenth-graders fond of writing, dancing, singing, playing an instrument, acting, drawing and/or pointing is the Govener’s School for the Arts.

Governor’s Internship Program
An amazing learning experience for college students in non-profit organizations, private businesses and government agencies is available via the Governor’s Internship Program.

Search Engine Optimization Program
The Raleigh SEO Company provides free search engine optimization to all non-profits in the arts & humanities in both North Carolina and West Virginia. They also offer social media marketing and digital marketing training on their website.

Scientific Research
EPSCoR (Division of Science and Research)
The office of West Virginia EPSCoR is in charge of the development, management, administration and implementation of the experimental research improvement program of the state.

Early Childhood
Imagination Library
Designed to provide free and age appropriate books, the Imagination Library does so on a monthly basis to all children who are eligible in counties that are currently specified in West Virginia.

International Education
Commission on International Education
The Commission is made up of business development groups, non-profit groups and educators that are all interested in promoting the place that West Virginia has in our global society.

Our Personal Disclaimer
Please be aware that while we are huge fans of all they do, this site is not run by the West Virginia Department of Education and the Arts. This is a privately run website that shares information on the West Virginia Department of Education and the Arts with our website visitors.